Little Wings sees healthy food as one of the most important elements in the daily life of children. We believe the food children eat in their early years has a great influence in their dietary habits later in life. Children are encouraged to participate in part of the food preparation during the day, and supported to take turns in helping to serve the meals.
We promote and provide healthy, balanced and nutritious in-house cooking for children’s morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. There is no artificial sugar added in any dishes we prepare. For some baking and particular dishes sugar will be substituted by glucose. Most of the core ingredients we use are purchased or delivered directly from organic farms and trustworthy fresh produce retailers.

We have updated a four-weeks rotating menu. Some core ingredients may be changed and/or replaced depending on the availability in seasons. We also have a “Lunch-Box Day” every second Tuesday. Children at the Over Two area are encouraged and supported to make their own lunch for the day with a variety choices of ingredients.