Providing quality care and education from our heart…
Little Wings is a boutique early childhood education centre at the heart of Ellerslie.
A team of kind, passionate, responsible and professional teachers are committed to creating a welcoming, respectful, dynamic and nurturing learning environment for your little one.

Little Wings offers a Freedom-within-Structure guided early learning environment where children are encouraged to explore, discover, learn and make meaning in a dynamic and organised environment. We advocate moral values education as an integral part of our learning environment where children are guided to learn through behavioural role modelling and clear expectations.

Our educational goals are to provide a well-balanced learning programme through participatory hands-on experiences, which encourage creativity and resilience. It is also our goal to participate in the learning journey with young children, to gain knowledge and moral values, to support children in appropriate decision making, and to motivate a love of lifelong learning.

Little Wings is thoughtfully designed in respect of the residential feel of the house, provides a comfortable, home-like environment for the children and families and educators.

The interior learning environment is divided into the under two’s area and over two’s area, which are separated by the central kitchen and bathroom.

The under two’s play area opens to the north for warmth, and is a quieter area away from the street. The over two’s have an L shaped play area, which links to the art-room by a covered veranda with natural lighting. Children in both areas have their own access to the outdoor environment connected with a spacious decking area, where children are free to lead their own exploration through fluid learning opportunities. The mature Pohutukawa tree is a specially valued feature at Little Wings. It is particularly incorporated into the over two children’s outdoor space so the older children are encouraged to learn and reason through interactions with the natural world.

The values we uphold at Little Wings are inspired by the early childhood curriculum of Te Whāriki, and acknowledgement of te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Should you wish to view our ERO report in Year 2020, please visit the following link: